The Work Side of Things


So Monday has rolled around again and I'm feeling some strange pressure to try and keep this blog interesting. Its a very exciting time for me right now, but since its mostly tied to freelance work I can't say much. This makes it really hard to paint an accurate picture of current life, as I mostly spend my time working these days. I'll give it a shot anyway.

I had quite a few low points in my career this year. I got out of school and realised that I had no contacts. I struggled to find any work and when I have, I've usually been grinding out large quantity on fairly low pay to make it work. I'm below the minimum wage, but I've often been surprised how little that impacts my quality of life. Highlights from this year include being told by a prospective client that my 'A-Game' was in no way worth $400, and a landlady telling a banker that I'm 'basically unemployed' after seeing my income. It honestly felt like starting from the very bottom. Indeed, this was the first year it ever occurred to me that maybe 'just doing freelance' instead of getting a real education and job wasn't the smartest choice I ever made.

This whole time, I've been hanging onto the vague hope that if I just keep making more personal work and trying to strengthen my style, I might eventually get hired by someone because they want me for my 'look', and not because they need a spare artist to make more generic stuff. I made around 30 illustrations this year, and only 25% of them were the personal pieces I posted online. I doubt I'd show a lot of the freelance stuff I do even if I was able to, since a lot of it doesn't even look like I did it. The further I'm getting into my personal work, the more alien it is to be asked to paint cute flying hampsters. 

But I'm starting to notice a change, and that's why things are exciting right now. For the first time ever, I'm being approached by people who want the style I'm showcasing in my personal work. That's probably as much as I can say right now, but hopefully it gives people a better idea of what's happening on the work side of things. 2016 should be very interesting.

This last week I had a short break after spending the last couple of months making an illustration a week, but managed to tie up a personal piece that's been kicking around for months. I'm also hacking away on the other personal piece currently called 'Sentinel,' which I want to have tied up before the end of the year.

Thanks for reading, have a great week!