Post-Christmas Energy


I'm back in Berlin after spending the Christmas holidays in my hometown in England. It was very good for me to be taken out of my usual routine in order to see things from a distance.

I didn't realise how burnt out I was before the vacation. Burning out is a subtle thing that you usually don't notice happening. I wouldn't define it as working too hard; I think burning out usually occurs when you're creating too many things without sufficient creative stimulus going into your head. But it can't just be the same old creative stimulus on loop, you need to have novelty. This can come from listening to new music, discovering new artists, reading new books, and meeting new people.

I've been pretty awful at keeping any of these things up recently, and I want to change that. I moved to the super-cool city of Berlin recently and have put embarrassingly little effort into going out and meeting people. It'd suck to spend the whole time I'm here just working and not really enjoying the place. I've made a little list of cool stuff I'd like to experience or accomplish in 2016, lets see how many I can get ticked off.

Here are some sketches and a WIP of that horseman piece. I'm not sure if how much further I'll go with it, it doesn't really feel like my kinda thing so far.