Regular Update

Hey everyone!

Not going to be writing much this week. I'm currently trying to get some freelance work wrapped up before the incoming holiday standstill, while also fighting through a nasty cold and some sleep problems. As you can imagine I'm not in the best writing state right now, but I don't want that to put me off updating so here's a sketch I actually liked from this week.

I bought Kyle's Dry Media Brushes off Gumroad and I've been having a great time playing around with them. It feels a little weird advertising on here, especially since I don't usually place that much value in brushes, but I really like this set and its worth giving a shout-out to. I love dry brush inking, but in traditional ink my heavy hand usually ends up making a blobby mess of everything. Its very cool to be able to fix things as I go in PS while still getting tasty textures and brush strokes. Worth checking out if you like that kinda thing!