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So, I wanted to make a blog to create a little bit more structure to my posting. I have a tendency to disappear for months at a time without posting anything, which makes it a little difficult for people to keep updated with my artwork.  

I've had a very busy year so far. Between leaving education at the start of the year, needing to scramble for freelance work to stay afloat (the endless headache) and moving to a new country, its been hard to get a continued schedule with my personal stuff. 

Despite this, I have been noticing some sort of narrative beginning to emerge throughout my personal work for some time now. I've been through a lot of personal growth in terms of finding what I like to paint and why. Now, I don't exactly have the best history with personal projects, so I'm not jumping on the --!!PERSONAL IP HYPE TRAIN!!-- until I have way more content. Alongside this, I have for too much shame than is good for me and find it hard to write posts on the internet without cringing and deleting it. Hopefully this can be a place to play with my ideas before putting the pieces together into something tangible for a wider audience. 

The main issue this year has been that I just didn't make enough personal paintings. I've done a crazy amount of stuff for jobs for other people, but with my own work I've been way too meticulous. A by-product of my Atelier education is a mixture of patience and perfectionism that have been kind of crippling. I want to stop spending 3 months slowly dragging out a painting that I come to hate and start working with at least just trying to make one personal piece a month that I actually finish. I want to keep some kind of rhythm to these blog posts that aids me with that, but whether its weekly, bi-weekly or monthly I'm not sure. 

Anyway here's some art you won't have seen yet to make it worth all the reading.


Titania's Majesty for HEX: Shards of Fate

Duncan the 'Great Shield'

Some personal concept sketches from 2014