A Change of Approach


I managed to force myself to update, and its looking like I'll be updating weekly. I've had some cool ideas for things I could share on here so it should be fun to see how it works out.


As I mentioned in my last post, I want to use this as a place to update without having to condense my work or my thoughts into a bite-size 'Like-able' post on Facebook. Hopefully it can be a little more honest than the way a lot of us artists end up portraying ourselves on Facebook too, I always find it a little alienating to see how few people can talk about stuff like stagnation or depression. Maybe its because not enough people would 'Like' to read about that, but struggling with your own laziness/ego is a never-ending reality of trying to be productive. I'm not saying that social media should be a doom and gloom, but people should be more comfortable with sharing their insecurities so others see that its natural.

Anyway, I mentioned last week that I want to produce one piece of personal work a month. I remember listening to this episode of One Fantastic Week with Noah Bradley as guest. They talked about how most people can't produce just one piece a month for themselves, and its stuck with me since. I make a lot of artwork for other people's projects, and really need to start pushing my own work for some long-term rewards.

My current habit for personal work involves scribbling a vague feeling and some esoteric notes, and then I repaint over and over on the same piece for 3-6 months before finally finishing it. The piece has usually transformed through 2 or 3 different iterations during this time. This is usually just down to poor planning on my part, starting without knowing what I want.


This is kind of weird, because I usually only spend 3 days doing a piece of card art for my freelance. I want to try and bring in more of that formulaic approach and still capture the initial artsy-fartsy 'feeling' that I want to achieve in my own stuff. I'm going to document my process with the piece I'm going to be making this month. I'll probably do a mid-week post with some sketches and write what I'm thinking while doing them.  

 As a reward for checking this out, here's a first look at my new personal piece: 'Somewhere In This Land.' This was a step in a new direction with the frame, trying to focus more on decoration. I must have started this in April and its been hanging over me like a black cloud since. Happy to be moving forward from it!

Thanks for reading!